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Welcome to! We are here to help you grow your business. 

Reasons to work with us:

  • Keep more of what you earn! By cutting out credit card processors, Sprely creators are able to keep 97% of their site earnings—compare that to 80% on leading subscription sites or 60% on most clip sites.
  • Sprely provides content creators with a free crypto wallet! As soon as you create a free account, you can select “wallet” from the main navigation menu and voilà! you are instantly ready to accept bitcoin in exchange for your content! You also can follow the instructions here to make a $sprely wallet in less than 30 seconds.
  • Sprely accounts do not require submission of any personal financial information!
  • Sprely facilitates peer-to-peer transactions – this means that you can carry out transactions with anyone in our network or on our platform directly. You can sell directly to fans on Reddit or other sites without revealing any information other than your wallet address.
  • Sprely content creators are provided with their own shop! You can list your offers (private snapchat, custom content, and physical goods), and process orders directly using tools: to receive payment, you can process transactions through our web store (for a 10% fee), or you can take payment directly by giving them your sprely wallet address (for a 3% fee).
  • Sprely has some of the most flexible content policies of any adult platform. If it’s safe, consensual, 18+ old, and legal—it abides by our community guidelines.
  • Access to Sprely’s marketing team. Sprely can provide content creators with on and off-platform marketing opportunities to help you grow your following.

If you have questions or would like to discuss our platform, tools, and services, send a message through our support desk by clicking here.


The Sprely team 😉

If you are ready to get started, create your free account at and then click here:

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